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103rd NCSS Annual Conference


Sample Review
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TIP: Use a local text editor to write your review, and then select/copy the information below. This way, in case of a network outage, you won't lose the review.

How well do the title and abstract match the presentation description?
How well does the primary focus designation correlate with the abstract and presentation descriptions?
Are the objectives and presentation description clearly stated?
Are the content and/or skills highlighted in the presentation relevant to the intended audience?
Do the presentation strategies include opportunities for audience interaction?
Does the proposal present an instructional method or strategy that you would like to learn more about?
Does the proposal address an underserved area of social studies?
Does the proposal present a new topic or instructional practice?
Is the proposal relevant and of interest to social studies educators?
Is this a session that you would want to attend?
Additional Information For Committee
Please include any additional comments that might help the Program Committee when making its final selections.
Check any reasons for your recommendation to accept that you think might be useful to the Program Planning Committee.

Check any reasons for your recommendation that you think might be useful to the Program Planning Committee.

Useful for your own record or in case there is some kind of error during updating. Note that if your session times out, you may not receive an email; you should log back in right away to recover the review.
Check this box when you have finished the review for this submission. This is used only to track how many outstanding reviews there are. You will still be able to edit this review after checking this box, until the review deadline date.

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Should your session timeout while filling out this review, log back in right away as we may be able to recover your review.


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